5 Ways to Relax During the Summer

1. Get your rest

Don’t be afraid to get that sleep in. There’s nothing wrong with catching a little zzzz’s before your late night summer escapades. Use this as a step towards full rejuvenation.  If you’re on vacation, enjoy as much sleep as you can. This is your reward for the many nights you pulled all-nighters doing assignments, projects or even the laundry.  Remember: no one wants to deal with a grumpy attitude all year round. Use the summer time to fuel yourself for the next 3-4 months of the year.

2. Clean or re-vamp your living space

Believe it or not, a clean space always lead to a stress free life. Don’t spend time stressing about an untidy place. Allow yourself to experience the feeling of being burden free. By cleaning your living space, you wake up in a less congested environment, therefore allowing you to rest with ease.

Sometimes, you can’t experience relaxation in the same environment 24/7. This is why re-vamping your home space is a great option. This allows you to get a new feel with a new look. Plus, what a better time to give your living space a face lift than during the summer when you have less things to do? Even if you are working in the summer, you’d have less projects to work on for yourself—or with the kids—so use this opportunity for a home decor operation. BUT remember that this experience should also be fun, don’t get stressed out about pillows, rugs or throws. It’s summer time remember?

3. Schedule entertainment time

Your summer should not be boring. Pencil in some time for entertainment. Television is always a good option because it allows you to enjoy a commodity (that you’re paying for) that you have less time to enjoy during the year. There’s nothing good on cable? Web series are always a great alternative; that’s what Hulu, Netflix and Amazon video were made to do. I have all three, trust me they’re so worth it.

Board games are also a simple way to have fun with your family. Enjoy a game of Sorry, Pictionary or good ole Operation to bring some laughter in your home. Family time shouldn’t just be around the Christmas season and not every year a family vacation will be in your budget. If you’re not into board games try cards. You can never go wrong with a game of Uno with your friends—play some music, get your favorite drinks and snacks  and  and it’s a party.  All games are inexpensive and very easy to find, just check your local department store.

4. Stay active

If you’re like me and you started to work on your summer body in May, don’t stress it. Fall body goals are always good too! This gives us a head start for next year’s summer limelight. Even so, don’t become a couch potato. Allow yourself to enjoy summer in all its glory and beauty. Go out for walks when the sun is up and bright. Go get ice cream with friends. Enjoy a day at the beach with friends and family; pools are always an option. Go get yourself a day pass at a hotel and enjoy the endless food and attention. You’re the modest and introverted type?  Fine! Go out and watch a movie where it’s dark and interesting—no need for much conversation there. Like seeing yourself in new spaces? Gyms and dance studios are both great places to blow off steam, burn calories and watch yourself look good while doing it. When the physical adventures are over, keep your mind active and go read a book.

Just get up and DO something! Don’t waste an entire summer doing nothing.

5. Establish “me” time

Of all the tips given, PLEASE remember to make time for yourself. One common mistake, that most people make during the summer is not giving themselves time to do the things that they love. With my hectic schedule, my “me” time is getting my hands and feet done. Besides me inheriting that from my Granny, it’s therapeutic for me. For some people, it’s retail therapy—even if it means shopping in the sale section or blowing off coupons. To them, the thrill of getting a good deal is exciting. “Me” time doesn’t have to be through shopping or pedicures. It can be through softball with friends or cooking up a new recipe. “Me” time can be setting out an hour each day to pray, talk and fellowship with God.

“Me” time doesn’t have to be glamorous or documented. Not everything you choose to indulge in has to be broadcasted through social media. It’s called “me” time aka “your” time for a reason. This is the one time that you get to make things all about yourself. Soon enough, it’s time to get back on that grind. Why not enjoy it while you can?

Let me know what you do for “me” time in the comments below… until then, it’s all about Fashion. Empowerment. Lifestyle.


Soraya Annasia 💋

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