Tips on Brushing Up

I try my best to clean my make up brushes after I’ve done my face or a friend’s. It’s a great habit to have but I must admit, its a tidious task…even so, beauty is pain. So, in this article, I’ll explain how I clean my make up brushes and some tips that’ll make life easier.

How I Wash My Brushes:  

Before I start the cleansing process, I gather all my brushes, sponges, beauty bleachers, etc. I also keep a clean kitchen towel handy, that way when I’m finished, my brushes are placed to dry on a flat surface.

I wash my brushes with a cleansing pad and a make-up brush shampoo called “Brush & Blender Cleanser”. It came in a set that was gifted to me. This or similar sets can be bought in places like Marshall’s, Walmart, Amazon or eBay.


This cleansing pad, features 6 various textures that allows me to clean brushes of any bristle and any size. It’s convenient and helpful.

After I’ve gathered my brushes and cleansing pad,  I turn on the facet to a warm setting and I’m ready to go.

First, I place my cleansing pad in the sink so that it will be accessible to running water. Conveniently, the cleansing pad has suction cups which makes it stable and sturdy. Brush  by brush, I take my shampoo and place bead like amounts on each brush’s head.

Next, I gently swipe the brushes against the cleansing pad until it looks clean. Don’t be afraid of the many colors that may come from your brushes—most times, the color is brown, but that’s still a good sign. Also, do not expect some of your brushes to be the color that it was when you first bought it. Sadly, foundations and powders stain but they’re only brushes.

Ladies, if your make up brushes are slightly stained even after a wash, that means you are allowing your brushes to fulfill its purpose.

Lastly, after I’ve washed my brushes, I place them on a kitchen or small hand towel so that they can dry. It’s very hard to hang your brushes (obviously), so like any artist, I let them dry on a flat surface. I then use the “blend & buff” brush that comes with the set to wash away any impurities left on the cleansing pad. This helps me ensure that my greatest cleansing tool remains it’s cleanest.

Quick Tips:  

  • A make up brush shampoo is not necessary. I only use one because it was gifted to me… BUT that doesn’t mean that you should use a regular hair shampoo on your brushes. Because most brush bristles are delicate, a baby shampoo is a great alternative to a make up brush shampoo. You can also try an antibacterial soap like Dial hand soap if you’re a germaphobe…. don’t worry, I can be like that too. Baby shampoos are available at just about any convenient or department store.


  • If you don’t have as much brushes as I do—which is ALOT—maybe a large cleansing pad is not for you. Even so, there are small cleansing pads that fit on your thumbs.


  • Do not wash your brushes in cold water. Cold water helps in no way as it relates to killing germs. That’s why I suggested warm water—the hotter the water, the better.


  • When drying brushes, place them a few spaces apart from one another. Do not allow brushes to gather in a congested area because that encourages the growth of bacteria.



Benefits of Cleaning Make-Up Brushes: 

Due to old make up and dirt build up, your make up brushes can harbor bacteria and other germs that can harm your skin. A dirty make up brush can not only cause acne and oily skin but its effects can be as severe as a pink eye or facial rashes.

That is why I do not advice you to share make up brsushes with friends. If you are an upcoming, self-taught MUA, invest in brushes that you will only use on your clients’ faces… clean those regularly as well!

Remember that brushcare is also skincare. Invest in time and products that you need to ensure that your brushes are clean. Always make time to do so because make up brushes can make or break a lovely face.


Share some of your tips on brushing up in the comments below… until then, it’s all about Fashion. Empowerment. Lifestyle.


Soraya Annasia 💋

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