Summer Skincare Tips

Exfoliation is a major part of healthy skin during the hot summer months. The hot air and sun waves can become a weapon that cracks our skin. This is why scrubs are a must have when it comes to skincare in the summer.


Showering regularly with body scrubs are a great way to exfoliate without the hassle. Before you lather with a soap of your choice, take a body scrub, put a little on your wash rag and start rubbing in circular motions. I absolutely love this step to healthy skin because the salts and beads in scrubs encourages relaxation. It’s massage-like and sometimes it even tickles. One line of body scrubs that smell and feel good is the Tree Hut Shea Sugar collection. There are many scents available such as “Coconut Lime” and “Marocon Rose”. My personal favorite is the “Passion Fruit & Guava” kind—which I got for $7.99 for 18 oz. These scrubs are available at Ulta Beauty (online, catalog and in store), Walmart and Amazon.

Facual scrubs are also a great way to keep away from dry skin. If you have a favorite anti- acne line of facial products that you use, it’s always good to find a scrub that they provide as well. Clean & Clear, Bioré and Neutrogena are great drug store brands to consider.

I advise you to use separate washcloths for exfolianton and showering. Never use the same washcloth on your face and body. That actually increases acne instead of preventing it.

Replenishment or Moisturization is SUPER important! Our skin is similar to hair. It needs moisture to help it heal and glow. Cracked, aching and burning skin is not healthy nor is it cute. That is why, during the summer—our most glamourous season—our skin has to look its best. Similar to winter time, our skin begs for hydration. Plus, it’s the one season that we’re allowed to look oily and shine from things other than sweat.

Sunscreen & Moisturizer

Just as scrubs, are important for exfoliation, so does sunscreen for moisturzation. Instead of using scented lotion everyday, try to mix it up and wear sunscreen 2 days out of the week. Sunscreen should not only be worn when you are going to the beach. It’s main purpose is to protect you from the sun! It contains the necessary ingredients to help restore our skin after witnessing the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Don’t sleep on sunscreen, it can also prevent bad skin pigmentation in the future.


Just like facial scrubs, some moisturizers can be a part of an anti-acne line that you like best. For me, I love Neutrogena’s Rapid Clear product line; it works well for me. Because of that my dermatologist recommended a moisturizer by the same company. I use the “Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel” with Broad Spectrum SPF 15—which I got for $17.99. I know, it’s a little pricey and seem dicey, but it’s worth it! Although my moisturizer isn’t of the same Rapid Clear line, the fact that it’s by the same company ensures that my face is not sensitive to a new product. If you have sensitive skin like I do, that’s a great tip to keep in mind.



Restoration is all about making things better. It’s about building up what was broken down. Our skin is a prime defense mechanism to the harm and germs that awaits us in the world. It’s easy to damage our skin but it’s very challenging to repair.


Melons are a great way to healthy skin. It’s callogen acts as an aid to repair skin tissue; this helps make the appearance of skin look younger. Despite their anti-ageing qualities, melons are great for toning your skin as well. A few melons to consider eating this summer are watermelons, honey dew melons, cantaloupes and cucumbers. Does placing cucumbers on your eyes ring a bell? Yes, using melons on your skin is a great way to increase your melon intake. Try to use products that contain melons. It’s benefits are good, but the scent is even better. One popular duo is “Cucumber Melon” (cucumbers + cantaloupes).



Insect Repellent

Critters and bugs come out to play during the hottest months. This is a great reason for you to protect your skin from bugs like ants and mosquitoes. Bug bites usually itch due to the inflammation of the wound. That is why you should avoid situations like that at all costs. Scratching your skin only irritates it and causes dark marks to form. If you’ve already been bitten, you should try to use anti-itch creams or good old witch hazel. These products are easy to find and can be found at places like Target, Walmart, Amazon, CVS, Walgreens, supermarkets…the list goes on.


I hope my tips on summer skincare encourages you to get your best skin. If you have any tips regarding summer skin care, please leave it in the comment section below.

Remember it’s all about Fashion. Empowerment. Lifestyle.


Soraya Annasia 💋


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