10 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Purse

1. Wallet

Of the many things that should be in your purse, your wallet is THE MOST important thing. Really, what’s the point of walking around with a bag that contains no ID or money? I was raised with the mentality that every woman should be independent—even in the simplest terms. My mother also taught me one important rule: NEVER leave the house without money. If your ID and money goes hand in hand, then there is definitely a need for a wallet.

Cash isn’t a necessity because some people prefer to walk around with cards and not cash. If that’s your preference, that’s okay! Now, there will be days where you have no money—like not even 50 cents BUT you should still keep your wallet on you for identification purposes. You can be broke as a joke AND fashionable at the same time. No one has to know your struggle.

2. Hand Sanitizer

Do you know how many germs we collect, just by touching everyday items? I don’t know either, but it’s ALOT!  According to a study done by the University of Colorado at Boulder,  there are over 3,000 forms of bacteria already living on our hands—thanks to 150 different specimens. If that’s not enough to prompt you on getting hand sanitizer handy, I don’t know what it.

Personally, I love having little handsanitizers hang from my bags. It’s a major part of my travel routine and I try my best to switch out my handsanitizers with my purses. It’s kinda like switching out your wallets to match a purse. I recommend getting the small Purel handsanitizers with the matching rubber pouch. My personal favorite is from Bath & Body Works; their fragrances are creative—one for each season—and so are the shapes! There’s always a way to be cute and safe.

3. Pen

They say that a man should always have a pen on his person. Well, I believe the same goes for women! Don’t we have bills to pay and papers to sign too? Umm, yeah—thought so. Ladies, don’t allow yourself to go into any situation unprepared. You should always have a pen on your person. Who knows, you may be the one to give that lucky guy a pen when he really needs it 😏. Men often believe that we carry around junk in our purses anyway, why not prove them wrong?

4. Mase/Pepper Spray

This suggestion is a personal choice. Not everyone is into the pepper spray idea. If not, that’s okay too. I have friends that live by their pepper sprays. It’s small, but it offers them a sense of protection and power. There are cute ways to conceal your protective goods, such as pouches and cute key chains; having them on your keys also makes them accessible.

5. Lipstick 💄 (or Vaseline)

This item goes without question. Every woman should have some sort of lip color in their bag. Lipstick is a MAJOR plus for any woman.  Personally, I do not feel as if I am fully dressed unless I am wearing my lipstick. Even after a busy morning and you forgot to drop your lipstick in your purse, Vaseline is an excellent back up. Cute lips are a necessity, dry lips are not.  

6. Pouch w/ feminine products

Things happen, emergencies emerge! This is why every woman should be prepared. Even if you are cognizant of when your period comes—like I am—some of your friends may not. You just never know when one of your girls may need a helping hand. Each pouch should include pads, panty liners, tampons and wipes. It also wouldn’t hurt to place some pain killers in there for cramps or the occasional, non-period related headache. Who knows, having that pouch may save someone’s social life…and yours.

7. Lotion

Too many times, I have been a victim of  not noticing dry parts of my skin until AFTER I’ve left the house. I’ve learned my lesson and I hope you won’t have to endure this too.  Because we tend to do a lot of things with our hands, our hands begin to get ashy and dry. To avoid this, just walk with a little bottle of lotion; try including your favorite scents, that way you’d look refreshed while smelling the way you’d like. If you can get your hands on some Bath & Body Works mini lotions, then do it. If that’s too pricey, then stock up on complimentary ones from events or hotel rooms.

8. Hair Items

Bad weather can make for a bad hair day. Don’t allow yourself to get caught in the confusion—better yet, don’t allow your hair to tell that story.  If it’s one thing that can change a woman’s mood about her day it’s her hair.  This is why I recommend having a comb or hair tie to tame your mane. Although my hair is now cut short, I do remember my days of having to constantly fix my hair.  Even so, now that it’s short I always have a brush in my bag to ensure that I have a maintained look.  A lady should always look her best. 

9. Gum

Ladies, having bad breath is NOT cute—like in no way. Just as we are turned off with men having bad breath, so are they. Don’t allow yourself to scare away Prince Charming due to you having bad breath 🤢. Gum is a great commodity to have for yourself and others! Remember: you want people to wonder, what are you HAVING for lunch….not what you HAD for lunch.

10. Mirror

The mirror is an important accessory that most women sleep on. Do not underestimate the power of a pocket mirror!  I must admit, rather than using a pocket mirror, I tend to use my phone’s camera to apply lipstick or to check my face.  Although this seems easy and accessible having a pocket mirror shows you a clearer image of yourself than a phone’s front camera does. Also, you just look so vintage and classy touching up your face in your own little mirror. 

5 thoughts on “10 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Purse

  1. Lol, I have about almost everything stated here in my bag except a few. Good to know I’m on the right track. Lol I also have a make up sponge; or something of that sort to blot my greasy face through your the day. 🙄 Ugh so annoying.


    1. I have oily skin too, so I know the struggle of blotting every 1-2 hours. I actually like using oil blotting sheets. My mom introduced me to them and they are a life saver!!!

      I’ll do an “Oily-Skin survival guide” just for you!


  2. Definitely. The pen is my all time favorite. I dont always have a bag but I always have a wallet so i keep my favorite pen in my wallet.


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