Why I Plan to Drink Water for a Month

So, promising to drink only water is a thing that just about everyone does. Yes, I’m a part of that “everyone.” I always say that I won’t drink any sweets or soda…but at lunch, that Pepsi or lemonade gets me every time.

Let’s face it, it’s hard giving up the sweets that we all constantly crave. I personally have a hard time saying no to chocolate and if you know me personally, you’d understand that I’ve made this promise many times especially because I drink hot chocolate like its coffee. So what’s the difference now? What has changed my mentality and reasoning? MY SKIN! 


I have very oily skin, hence I’m prone to acne and dark marks from scarring. I also have discoloration in some parts of my face–but just about who doesn’t right? I’m graduating in May of this year and I’ve vowed to have to clear skin by then. I don’t want to have to color correct the entire way through my beautifying process. Shoot, it would be nice to go completely natural and without make up for the grand ceremony…but I highly doubt that’ll happen. I love the art of make-up artistry too much to not beat my face for graduation. If I’d like to accomplish this then something will have to give.



And yes, by the time you, my Sincere Fans, read  this, I would have already started this “Water is Life” journey (check out the picture below). Let’s see how this goes. You can follow me on Snap Chat @Soraya_Annasia to see my daily progress.


Give up cholate or not give up chocolate… that is the question!

Do you think that I can give up the sweets and stick to water? Let me know in the comments below.

Header photo courtesy of Google.

2 thoughts on “Why I Plan to Drink Water for a Month

  1. I’m sure you can do it 💪
    I’ve learned that habits are created slowly and just dropping water on your lap everyday when you never use to drink an ounce is just torture . Incorporate water and other healthy substance to your diet gradually . Can’t wait to see you on graduation with clear skin 😉

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