Why I Took A Break From Blogging: Where I’ve Been, What I’ve Done

Frustration! That’s what I’ve been feeling lately. Ugh! I seriously needed this post to lighten up a bit. 

I cannot begin to tell you how hard this journey has been for me since I’ve graduated from college. Honestly, I am beyond tired. I work eight hour shifts and pull in over forty hours a week and I feel like I still don’t have the money to show for my hard work. One check can’t even take care of most of my expenses but even so, I count my blessings.

I must say, I am blessed with certain things. For example, my part time became my full time–but if you know me personally, you KNOW that it’s not easy working there at all. Even so, I count my blessings… I was promoted to Assistant Manager (score! another build up for my resume) and my work isn’t so bad because I work with amazing people. THANK GOD FOR THEM!

And again, even so, I count my blessings… See? that’s what’s been getting me through–what seems like–the hardest few months of my life. When I felt like I couldn’t take the pressure anymore, I found a way to snap my attitude back into gear and tell myself, “Don’t be ungrateful” and I shouldn’t. I’ve come too far from where I started three months ago. I remember in April, all the bad luck I had in finding an apartment. If I liked a place it wasn’t easily accessible. If I fell in love with a feature like the kitchen or tiling, it was taken the same day or even the day before I had an opportunity to see it. I remember there was this one place that I could’ve totally seen myself living in (OMG it was affordable, accessible, spacious and newly renovated–I had my money READYYYY) but there was a waiting list and I was #8 on that list. Haha, I remember the horror that I had just to find a place within my means but was also decent and not crappy–like most cheap apartments. Sincere Fans, I was nervous just thinking about being kicked off of campus the DAY AFTER graduation at 6 PM! I needed to find a place fast!

I had no place to go and going home to my beloved island was NOT an option despite how tempting a vacation seemed.

I hustled and called everywhere I could think of and gratefully, I found a place. If you can learn anything from me, learn this: Do not give up! After calling every apartment complex near me and being told that there weren’t any units available, I told myself just give the other places that I had called weeks ago a try. If everyone was telling me “no” now and these places told me “no” before, it couldn’t hurt to give them a try again… I called, asked if there was anything available and was told, “Yes, something just opened up yesterday.”

Yesterday people, the DAY BEFORE I called. I wasn’t even sure if I’d be approved to move in but I felt as if a burden was lifted off my shoulders! I prayed to God and said, “God you gonna have to work this one out for me. Because I don’t have no place else to go and no where else have units available but this one. The mere fact that a place opened up a DAY before I called, is proof that this is YOUR plan for me! You got to work it out for me.”

So said, so done! I now have my own place, paying my utilities and other living expenses (NETFILX + HULU = Life so Wi-Fi was a must!) on my own. With God’s help, I was able to gather myself out of my situation. That’s why I count my blessings today. So when I feel down about where I am and what I’m doing with my life, I just remind myself that He handles ALL my concerns, He wipes away my worries. I am too successful for my age to be moping around the things I haven’t accomplished…..yet!

My time will come for me to be the successful, ground shaking attorney that I want to be. It’s just not now. I must say, that’s our problem today: we’re too caught up with the now’s of our life. I want a new car now. I want a relationship now. I want to lose weight now. I want to make money now.  Immediacy has caused us to forget what it’s like to have worked hard for the things we desired most in life. It causes us to have a lack of appreciation for our hard earned blessings.

So ya know what? Let me count my blessings and appreciate the things that I do have now rather than the things I want now. I hope I’ve inspired you to do the same even in your most trialing times.

Sincerely Soraya

2 thoughts on “Why I Took A Break From Blogging: Where I’ve Been, What I’ve Done

  1. YES! Thanks for the inspiration. Always stay true to yourself and always know what you have,you worked hard for. I love you.

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