Hair 4 It: Review on Roots to Mane Hair

Dear Sincere Fans,

Let me tell you all about the hair that I got from Roots to Mane Hair Collection. It was luscious! I loved the feel of the hair, the quality, the scent—everything! If you follow me on SnapChat you definitely saw the great things that I had to say about it. Follow me @Soraya_Annasia . 


I ordered Brazilian Body Wave in the lengths 18″, 20″ and 22″. On the site, this style starts from $150 (tax included) and depending on the lengths, it increases in price. So my total cost was $190. Shipping varies on distance and destination. My shipping was only $7, which brought me to a total of $197. Your girl spent less than $200 on bundles and my LONGEST length was 22″! RTM was already looking like a good choice when I got to their checkout.


I was very impressed with the quality of the hair. No odor like most hair bundles. Barely any initial shedding. I did the pull test, which is when you comb through the hair with your fingers while pulling downwards to release any loose strands within the bundle.


I did this and got a few strands—like literally two strands and that was from ONE bundle! That was expected since the hair must be sewn onto the wefts and there’s no way to get all those tiny strands into one place. PLUS, it’s hair! It’s supposed to shed eventually. When buying hair from any hair company, I do the pull test AS SOON AS I GET IT! That method determines whether I deiced to use  the hair or not.


The packing of the hair was similar to that of most hair companies. Each bundle was wrapped with a stretchy gold string (same practical use as a rubber band), labeled by length and wrapped in plastic. The fun part was what the bundles came in: a satin bag. I think that was a good touch—considering that quality hair can be expensive.

I’ve had bundles shipped in plastics and packaged in boxes with no effort or carRTM Satin Bage, but Roots To Mane was a step above them all. So the satin bag was a great touch. It was classy too! It provided a means of maintenance beyond the weave’s installation because I then have a safe place to store the hair when I’m finished. In the Hair Formula: Satin = Moisture; therefore Satin Pouch + Bundles = Moisturized Extensions. That also equated into me being a very happy customer. It’s the little things.

The bundles also came with a little thank you card and duo comb & brush to keep those edges laid! Edges are SUPER important. 





Okay, so I usually keep my bundles in the natural hair color because 1) I can be lazy and 2) I think that natural brown looks better on women of color. But I decided to be brisk and color the hair jet black. Despite my personal mishaps, like having my fingers dyed black due to ripped gloves, I was able to color the hair successfully. It really wasn’t hard to do to. So, it colors well. No worries there.


MAINTENANCE: Styling & Washing

The upkeep of the hair was relatively easy. Through out its use, I did not have knots nor tangles. The way I wore my hair had lots to do with that too. I only did curled styles that required a  curling wand or flexi rods. Please see slideshow below.

The styles depicted were done by my amazing stylist Shanice Fitzpatrick of SMF Hair Studio & Beauty Bar in Pittsburgh. Check her out on IG @smfhairstudio_


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When styling, I also used my flat iron and I must say, the hair surpassed my expectations, especially in terms of heat. I have a pro flat iron, which means, my flat iron goes up to 450 degrees, whereas most traditional flat irons go up to 350-365 degrees. After 2 weeks of my installation, I began wearing my hair straight. It was very convenient for me in the morning for work. I wore my hair bone straight—which is usually not the easiest to attain without serious heat but NOT with this hair. Okay? RTM Hair did what it was supposed to and remained sleeked straight! Heat test? CHECK!


The Roots To Mane hair was amazing with the heat applied–and I BARELY had to flat iron it often. I kept the hair in for about 4 weeks, and I think I only flat ironed it about 4 times. Of course, my leave out was a different case (LOL) but, I didn’t have much problems there once I used my hot comb. P.S. if you are into weaves and wigs, hot combs are a GREAT investment! 

Sincere Fans, the hair was great but please understand that hair quality depends on how well YOU take care of it too! For example, you should keep your bundles moisturized, just as you would with your real hair. Moisturization is key! This leads me to another thing that I liked about Roots To Mane Hair Company… the bundles came with little care instructions, which I thought was so cute! NOT every hair company does this, so I was appreciative. I have also dabbled with enough bundles in the past to know to care for my girls. Yes I call them girls. 


Washing the hair was very easy too. After I took out my installation, I figured it would be best to give my girls a wash before storing them back in the satin pouch. I would suggest to always wash your bundles with a shampoo & conditioner that promotes silkiness. It helps your hair stay moisturized and lasts longer. So, I used the BioSilk Silk Therapy: Shampoo, Conditioner and Silk Serum. I use this in my hair ALL the time. Pro tip: the silk serum works great as a heat protectant and hair polish. 


Overall, I give the Roots To Mane Hair Collection 5 kisses 💋! Sincere Fans, it is worth it! Quality hair at an affordable price. You cannot beat that. I chose to give RTM Hair a chance for my birthday and I was happy that I did.

Although Roots To Mane Hair Collection is a new brand they are growing and expanding rapidly. Great team members such as Ja’Lyssia Henrillien, Maylecia Samuel & Ashante’ Norville ensured that there is something for everyone, from natural hair colors to Russian blonde; from frontals to closures; from bundles and soon to come: WIGS! Stay tuned because their wig line should be released on March 17. **Of course products and dates may vary and are subject to change.**

Become a #ManeBabe and check their website out at See what you find. I’m sure you will like it. Also, their Valentine’s Day Sale for 35% OFF ENDS TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT! Catch it if you can.

RTM Valentine Promotion

One more thing, I did NOT receive any promotional payments/discounts for this review. This was all based on the experience of me, myself & I. I allowed myself and my hair to be the MANE attraction of my special day. I hope my words will encourage my Sincere Fans to do the same for themselves too. 

Love Always,

Sincerely Soraya 💋


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